Choose from a selection of horror, scary, freaky and more. Check back frequently as I add more designs

Jason Mask-Jason mask horror scary machine embroidery
$USA8.99 $USA5.99
Skull & Cross Bones-Skull and cross bones machine embroidery scary skulls
$USA5.99 $USA2.99
Edgar Allen Poe-Edgar Allen Poe machine embroidery poet Poe
$USA11.99 $USA8.99
Paisley Skull-Paisley Skull machine embroidery skull embroidery
Grim Reaper-Grim reaper machine embroidery embroidery scary embroidery horror embroidery
$USA12.00 $USA8.00
Skull-Skull scary skull Halloween horror machine embroidery embroidery Best prices on embroidery designs
$USA4.99 $USA3.99
Dragon and Wizard-Dragons, machine embroidery, wizards, Wizard embroidery, dragon embroidery
Crow and Skull-Crow embroidery, machine embroidery, skull embroidery, scary embroidery, horror embroidery, crows, skulls

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