Choose your music notes that you want embroidered.

Select your note, or send me a request to have one digitized for you.  Little by little I will be listing notes.

Need a different size? Just write to me, no charge to size it to your needs.


Guitar-guitar machine embroidery music
$USA9.00 $USA5.99
Music Rainbow  Scale-Machine embroidery music scale rainbow music scale music
$USA10.00 $USA5.00
Piano Music-machine embroidery music scale piano piano treble clef notes
$USA10.00 $USA5.00
Music Treble Clef  Note-machine embroidery music treble clef music notes
$USA6.00 $USA3.50
Baltimore Record-Baltimore record machine embroidery machine embroidery baltimore skyline 1930s record skyline record player Baltimore Maryland
$USA5.99 $USA2.99
Hot disc jockey-Hot disc jockey, disc jockey, music, machine embroidery, embroidery,

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