Beast creature-Beast, fantastic, creature,machine embroidery, mythology,folklore,animal
Lion Goat-Lion, mythical, creatures, goat, monsters, Greek, Mythology,machine embroidery
Minotaur-Minotaur, Greek, Mythology, machine embroidery, creatures
Abominable Snowman-Abominable Snowman, machine embroidery, myth embroidery, Legends embroidery, snowman. embroidery
Loch Nest Monster-Loch Nest Monster, Loch monster, monster embroidery, machine embroidery, dragon
Knight and Dragon-Knights, Dragons, Knight embroidery, Dragon embroidery, machine embroidery, knight emblem embroidery
Blond Warrior-Blond Warrior, warriors, female warrior, machine embroidery
Medieval knight-Knight, Medieval, warrior, machine embroidery

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