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Magician-Magician, Magic, Magician hat, Magician wand, machine embroidery
Gambling-Gambling, machine embroidery, Gambler, casino,cards, dice, poker chips, roulette wheel
African American Baby-African American baby, baby, black baby, baby girl, black baby girl, machine embroidery
African American boy-African American baby, African American baby boy, black baby, machine embroidery, baby
Matza-Matza, Jewish, Matza bread, Judaism, Jewish holiday,bread,machine embroidery
Manna from heaven-Manna, Heaven, Christian, Judaism,Moses, machine embroidery
Manna-Manna, machine embroidery, Moses, bread, Jewish, Judaism, Christian
Adorable piggy-Pig, Piggy, baby pig, cute pig, machine embroidery
African American Baby-African American, Baby, Black baby, Baby girl, African baby, newborn
Best in show Poodle-Poodle, dogs, animals, machine embroidery, best in show, embroidery
Shaug dragon-Shaug, dragon, dragons, machine embroidery, dragon embroidery
Crusader-Crusader, Knight, Dark, Souls, warrior
Ring of fire-Ring of fire, fire, fire ring, machine embroidery
Holy sun-Holy sun, sun, machine embroidery, dark, souls, game

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