Check out the characters from some of the most popular movies. I just recently began digitizing these designs for sale. Machine embroidery in your format. 

Check back frequently as I add more and more

Daffy Duck-Daffy Duck, machine embroidery, embroidery design, embroidery, duck, cartoon
King Triton-King Triton, machine embroidery, mermaid, king, movies
Wicket Witch-Wicket witch, wizard of oz, machine embroidery, Wicket witch embroidery, Oz,
$USA7.99 $USA5.99
Scarecrow-Scarecrow, Wizard of oz. machine embroidery, Scarecrow embroidery
$USA8.99 $USA4.99-$USA5.99
Forky-Forky, forkie, sforky, machine embroidery, toy, movie, kids, childrens

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