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Folklore Harry Potter-Folklore, Harry, Potter, machine embroidery,kids embroidery, favorites
Blue Marlin-Blue Marlin, fish, fishing, machine embroidery,
Pandemic patch-Virus,Pandemic,Corona,19, machine embroidery, patch
American freedom-American, freedom,machine embroidery, America
$USA8.49 $USA4.99-$USA6.49
Trump elephant-Trump, elephant, 2020, President, Republican, political, machine embroidery
Only the strong-Christian, Christian embroidery, cross, strong, religion,machine embroidery
Black girl magic-Black girl, African american. machine embroidery, pretty black
$USA8.99 $USA3.99-$USA6.99
Panda control-Panda, bears, force, police,machine embroidery, embroidery, animals
Art of Religion-Christian, Jesus, embroidery, flames, machine embroidery, cross, flames

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